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when will racism ever end

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who the fuck blurred the bread to make it look like a dick

i’m laughing so fucking hard

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Avatar Korra + character tropes (inspired by x)

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Shout out to my cousin Takeshi holy crap I love you for paying for this giveaway woah and thanks for Mars for agreeing to pay for the Pikachu keychain and both X and Y holy whippersnappers I’m so excited holy I hope my followers are excited as I am wtf I can’t even comprehend how happy it makes me to make someone in this world happier than I am okay I’m done rambling now on to the rules and SUCH.


  • must follow me and my bro mars because he’s chipping in a lot.
  • reblog this post as many times as you want, more reblogs = more chances to win just to clarify. a like counts as one entry too.
  • if youre not 18 or older please get your parents permission.
  • organized by random.org and if the winner doesn’t answer their ask box in 48 hours a new winner will appear.


  • itll be directly shipped to your house the package will start with the name “takeshi” followed by his last name and an address from japan.
  • you get both x and y versions woo.
  • a cute pikachu keychain comes with it.

that’s it! giveaway ends june 4th good luck

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at the pet store like


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a swarm of bees and a pitfall! D:

bees in da trap

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Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

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